The Georgian Parliament, disregarding the President's informed remarks concerning the Russian Law on so-called Foreign Agents, proceeded to approve the initial version of the draft law. This approval occurred through three readings, with a vote count of 84 in favor and 4 against.

"Thank you, colleagues. The Georgian Parliament has made a significant decision. The oath of a Member of Parliament inherently signifies our foremost duty to safeguard the interests of the Georgian people, to act in accordance with their mandate and welfare. No other people, country, or power dictates the course of our state and our populace. That is precisely the essence of this law," stated Shalva Papuashvili, the Parliament Speaker, following the vote, thereby concluding the session.

Today's session spanned seven hours. Members of the opposition urged the Georgian Dream to retract the Russian Law, asserting that the veto represented the final opportunity to do so.

The authorities disregarded the strong recommendation of the Venice Commission to withdraw the Russian Law, as well as the warnings from international partners that such legislation would impede Georgia's Euro-Atlantic integration process.

Due to the Russian Law, the US State Department has already enacted a new visa restriction policy for Georgia, enabling it to impose visa restrictions on individuals responsible for or complicit in undermining democracy in Georgia, along with their immediate family members. Furthermore, the USA has opted to reassess cooperation with Georgia.

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