Davit Katsarava, the leader of the anti-occupation movement, was arrested a few hours ago on Rustaveli Avenue during a protest against the Russian Law. He was severely beaten, sustaining multiple injuries to his head and face. He has been taken to the Ingorokva clinic, where he is undergoing surgery. His nose and facial bones are broken.

"He said, 'I am torn.' They allowed him to call me. He is badly beaten, he has injuries on his head," says Katsarava's wife, Sopo Khachapuridze.

Davit Katsarava was standing a few meters away from the cordon of the special forces, likely making a statement, when the robocops rushed to him and arrested him. Circulated footage shows how the civil activist was taken outside the cordon. His whereabouts were unknown for several hours.

After the adoption of the Russian Law in the third reading, the peaceful demonstration in front of the parliament was dispersed. In addition to the special purpose squad and hundreds of employees of various units, the Internal Affairs Ministry also brought water jet machines to Rustaveli Avenue. The Internal Affairs Ministry announced that the rally went beyond the norms established by the assembly and demonstration law and "took a violent character," citing the damage to the iron dam near the Parliament building as an example.

"In order to restore public order, we used special means provided by the legislation," announced the Internal Affairs Ministry.

The rally had and still has maintained a peaceful character throughout the day, as assessed by the Association of Young Lawyers of Georgia. However, despite this, the police forces, without any legal basis, began to disperse the rally with violent methods, including violating the rules of using special means. The organization urges the employees of the special purpose unit not to carry out illegal orders.

The Internal Affairs Ministry reported that 13 people were arrested at today's rally.

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