Foreign ministers of the 27 EU member states will discuss the current situation in Georgia on Monday, May 27th. Peter Stano, the spokesperson for the European External Action Service, announced this at a briefing held in Brussels today.

Stano stated that the future of relations between Georgia and the European Union will be determined by the member states, taking into account the recent events.

“The future of relations between Georgian and the European Union is determined and will be determined also in light of the latest developments, by the member states. Georgia will be one of the topics discussed on Monday among the foreign ministers of the EU because of the serious developments that we have seen especially around the law about foreign transparency.

I can only repeat one thing the European Union is a partner and friend of Georgian people who showed in the majority their desire to go the European path. This is why the Georgian government applied to join the EU, and the application and the process of EU accession means that there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled and

the law which is now going to be discussed again in the Georgian parliament after the president vetoed it, is not bringing Georgia closer to the EU because the spirit of this law is not in line with European principles and values -  that means with the principles and values that Georgian government has said they want to adhere to,” Peter Stano said.

He mentioned that representatives of the European Union are working with Georgian friends and partners to clarify the meaning of the EU membership candidate status.

A few days ago, the Financial Times reported that in response to the government's defiant position regarding the so-called Foreign Agents law, several EU countries are demanding the imposition of sanctions against Georgia, including the suspension of visa-free travel. The publication stated that Estonia, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Sweden are among the countries that will request the discussion of restrictive measures at the meeting of the EU foreign ministers. In addition to cancelling visa-free travel to the EU for Georgian citizens, targeted sanctions and a freeze on EU funding are being considered, according to individuals familiar with the matter who spoke to the Financial Times.

Despite the potential sanctions from the European Union and the United States, Georgian Dream is not planning to back down; they intend to override the President's veto on the Russian Law on May 27-28.

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