The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilia Darchiashvili, has called the European Union's decision to freeze 30 million euros of aid to the Georgian Defense Forces incomprehensible.

"The types of financial aid provided and continue to strengthen our country's defense capabilities and develop capacities necessary to mitigate threats. We do not comprehend such micro-level decisions because security challenges, including occupation, persist. Georgia must further bolster its defense capabilities to effectively counter threats. Therefore, we anticipate these decisions will revert to their previous levels soon, and we will maintain cooperation with the European Union in this regard," stated Darchiashvili.

The Foreign Minister emphasized that Georgia's cooperation with the European Union is grounded in the Association Agreement, and all parties have undertaken commitments.

"We are fulfilling these obligations in a logical sequence, and I would not characterize the EU Ambassador's remarks as overly stringent. I view these as decisions taken at a micro-level that will not impede Georgia's efforts toward European integration," remarked Ilia Darchiashvili.

European Union Ambassador Pavel Herczynski announced today that the EU has halted the disbursement of 30 million euros from the European Peace Fund to Georgia, and further measures will be considered in case of a 'deterioration of the situation.' Additionally, Herczynski noted that Georgia's accession process to the European Union has halted as of today.

"For months, we have communicated clearly that if the [Russian] law was enacted, consequences would follow. The law was passed, and now we are witnessing its repercussions. Relations between Georgia and the European Union should ideally be at their peak right now, but unfortunately, they are at a low point.

I can only hope that on October 26, the Georgian people will make the right choice, and regardless of the outcome, the next government will seek to renew relations with the European Union," Herczynski commented.

The United States of America has also initiated a review of its relations with Georgia. On July 5, the Department of Defense indefinitely postponed the military exercise Noble Partner 2024 in Georgia. According to the Pentagon, "„The decision to postpone this iteration of NOBLE PARTNER is due to the Georgian government's false accusations against the United States and other western entities, to pressure Georgia to open a second front against Russia to alleviate pressure on Ukraine, and of participating in two coup attempts against the ruling party."

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