The Estonian Parliament, Riigikogu, adopted the statement On the Crisis of Democracy in Georgia by 57 votes to 13. The Parliament condemns the adoption of the Russian Law on so-called Foreign Agents by the Georgian government and the parliamentary majority and intends to propose imposing sanctions on the European Union.

The Estonian Parliament considers that until the government and parliament of Georgia begin to address the crisis of democracy by respecting the rule of law and human rights, and until they resume the program of reforms and democratization agreed with the European Union, and repeal the law On the Transparency of Foreign Influence, Estonia should block all processes related to Georgia's accession to the European Union in the Council of Europe. Development cooperation with Georgian state institutions should be frozen, and allocated funds should be redirected to support Georgian civil society.

Additionally, the Riigikogu states that the Council of the European Union should propose imposing sanctions against the honorary chairman of Georgian Dream, Bidzina Ivanishvili, members of the Georgian government, heads of the Parliament of Georgia and the party Georgian Dream, as well as members of the parliamentary faction of the ruling party. These sanctions would include banning them from entering the European Union. If this proposal does not gain support in the Council of the European Union, the Estonian Parliament wants Estonia to impose sanctions on the individuals listed above, including banning them from entering Estonia.

The Riigikogu also believes that Estonia should, in the Council of the European Union, support the suspension of the visa-free regime agreement between Georgia and the European Union until the law on the Transparency of Foreign Influence is repealed.

“The Riigikogu expresses its respect to the brave Georgian people who stand for Georgia’s democratic and pro-European future,” the Statement says.

The Riigikogu notes that the law on the transparency of foreign influence is inspired by a Russian law used by the Putin regime to suppress civil society, media, and political opposition.

“The Venice Commission’s assessment of Georgia’s Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence, published on 21 May 2024, found the law to be incompatible with the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as it violates the principles of the rule of law, legality and proportionality, as well as the principle of non-discrimination,” Riigikogu calls on the Georgian government and parliament to immediately repeal the law inspired by the Russian Law.

Riigikogu also calls on the Georgian government to immediately refrain from violence against demonstrators, civil society, and opposition politicians; to conduct an investigation against the authorities and persons who used force against peaceful protesters; and to fulfill the promise to promote the rule of law, protect human rights, and implement the reforms demanded by the vast majority of Georgian citizens, which are conditions for joining the European Union.

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