The German ambassador to Georgia, Peter Fischer, announced that Germany is reviewing its relations with Georgia and has decided not to make any new commitments.

As the ambassador stated, the actions of the Georgian government have led to the suspension of Georgia's accession to the European Union.

"Now, this is the policy of the European Union, and it is very sad because everything could be completely different. We can move forward very quickly; we want to move forward. But the speed and quality of the accession process are in the hands of the candidate.

As for Germany, we are also reviewing our relations with Georgia. As you know, we have a very broad and deep relationship. Along with the United States, we are one of the largest donors of development cooperation in Georgia. We have decided not to make any new commitments to Georgia at the moment, which means there are no new financial commitments from Germany to Georgia. Additionally, the German armed forces have canceled their participation in the "Dignified Partner" exercises. We also canceled the big legal forum that was held in Tbilisi last year and was supposed to be held in Berlin this summer. We are considering further actions," said Peter Fischer while talking to journalists.

According to the German ambassador, Georgians should consider how important it is for them to join the European Union: "We want you to join the European Union, but you know the process. You must meet our standards, and if you do not, then you will not be able to join. So, Georgian citizens and Georgian friends should think about how important the European Union is for you, your children, and your grandchildren. If you want that, you should return to our course," the diplomat said.

The Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia, Pawel Herczynski said yesterday that the process of Georgia's accession to the European Union is currently at a standstill. As he said, recent developments in Georgia are negative, including the intimidation of civil society and the spreading of misinformation about the European Union and its values.

"The European Union has suspended support for Georgia from the European Peace Fund in the amount of 30 million euros until 2024. In case of further deterioration of the situation, other measures will be considered. For months, we have been sending a clear signal that if the law [meaning the Russian law - ed.] was passed, there would be consequences. The law was passed, and it was time for results. Now, relations between Georgia and the European Union should be at the highest level, but instead, they are at the lowest level," said Pavel Herchinskiy.

The United States of America has also begun to review its relations with Georgia.

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