The majority leader and one of the authors of the Russian law, Mamuka Mdinaradze, stated that opposition MP Aleksandre Elisashvili hit him on orders. Mdinaradze said that Elisashvili would not have dared to do this in his life.

"There will be a sufficient response to this. I am not going to threaten with street methods now. This has to end, and we will give a sufficient answer. We have no problem, but this false narrative gives birth to this pretended humanity and this type of sneaking, thieving, inhumane, violent violence that we see against us. Who are the members of the majority less patriots?! Aleko Elisashvili is a patriot, and here are non-patriots and really a carrier of Russian interests?! We will die first; I will die personally…

It was a planned, probably paid provocation, which was interrupted by Aleko Elisashvili. They could not understand me with arguments and wanted to confuse me, sorry for the jargon. Aleko Elisashvili and people like him who have fallen out of the gutter, what... if there is a fight, they should look me in the eye and fight with me. This is an ordered provocation by Aleko Elisashvili, a man forced to be a man," Mdinaradze said.

Today, during the discussion of the Russian law on the so-called Foreign Agents at the session of the Parliament Legal Issues Committee, the Citizens, leader Aleksandre Elisashvili hit Mamuka Mdinaradze. Due to the physical confrontation, the consideration of the draft law was stopped for several minutes.

"They will drag us to Russia, people. They were bludgeoning for three hours, Mdinaradze just cut his frontal vein. It rose in the throat, and I gave one to the face of that Russian agent, Mdinaradze. All my life, I hate bribers and supporters of Russia. After they threw me out, they hit me in the head," said Elisashvili and called on the citizens to go out into the streets.

Due to the Russian law, Elisashvili and Mdinaradze confronted each other at the plenary session of Parliament on April 3.

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