The de facto government of Abkhazia is working with representatives from Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen, North Korea, and Serbia on the issue of recognition of Abkhazia. This was announced by the so-called Minister of Foreign Affairs of the occupied region of Georgia, Inal Ardzinba.

“In 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia continued to work on expanding the international recognition of Abkhazia and had active contacts with representatives of Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen, North Korea, and Serbia,” said Inal Ardziba at the meeting with the so-called President Aslan Bzhania.

Ardzinba presented last year's activity report. They are still discussing the possibility of organizing a visit by Syrian President Bashar Assad and opening the Syrian embassy in Abkhazia, according to him.

“In 2023, the consular section of the Embassy of Abkhazia in Syria started working. With the support of the Syrian president, we are establishing contacts with representatives of Algeria and Iran,” said Inal Ardzinba.

In addition, according to Ardzinba, last year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs established active relations with representatives of the United Arab Emirates:

“Conditions are being created for communication between the business communities of Abkhazia and the United Arab Emirates. Together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we are conducting similar work with Lebanon,” says Ardzinba.

The so-called independence of the de facto republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia has been recognized by Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Nauru.

In addition, Syria recognized the independence of the occupied regions of Georgia in 2018. Because of this decision, Georgia broke off diplomatic relations with Syria.

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