Georgian Parliament Member and Citizens party leader, Aleksandre Elisashvili, was beaten by policemen during the rally in front of the Government Chancellery. They physically assaulted him at the instructions of Vazha Siradze, the head of the patrol police department, he said.

"Several policemen immediately dragged me on the instructions of Vazha Siradze. During this dragging, I managed to run away, but they hit me with batons. Then I was taken to the Didube department of the Internal Affairs Ministry, where I stayed for several hours. The environment there was humane. Afterward, I went to the clinic, where I was in a lot of pain, and it was discovered that one of my ribs was broken," Elisashvili told Formula television company.

At night, many thousands of participants of the rally held in front of the parliament building against the Russian law moved to the government chancellery and demanded a meeting with Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze.

Aleksandre Elisashvili tried to enter the government office, but the police did not allow him to do so. The video shows that the MP was forced into a police car and taken away.

A few days ago, Aleksandre Elisashvili physically confronted one of the authors of the Russian law, Mamuka Mdinaradze, and suddenly hit him in the face during the committee discussion. "There will be a sufficient response to this. I am not going to threaten with street methods now. We will give a sufficient answer," said Mamuka Mdinaradze after the incident. Georgian Dream deputy Davit Matikashvili also responded to the incident, saying in the parliament session hall: "Will you shake one fist? You will get ten! No one will spare anyone from this cunning and greed." Members of the parliamentary majority Nodar Turdzeladze, Shota Khabareli, and Davit Kacharava beat Elisashvili and injured his body.

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