During the Euro 2024 matches on June 18, 22, and 26, the Georgian government is facilitating special charter flights for approximately 3,000 fans to support the national football team. These flights will offer subsidized airfares, with a one-way ticket priced at 195 euros and a round-trip ticket at 390 euros.

The sale of subsidized air tickets will begin at the end of the week. Citizens of Georgia who possess tickets for the football match will be eligible to purchase these tickets.

"On June 18, 22, and 26, matches of the Georgian national team will be held within their respective subgroups, and it is crucial for as many Georgian fans as possible to attend these matches. To facilitate this, we have taken steps to make travel more affordable and convenient. Subsidized charter flights have been arranged, and regular flights are also subsidized. These flights will be adjusted to match dates.

Direct flights will be available to the German cities of Dortmund, Hamburg, Cologne, and Dusseldorf. In total, 3,000 fans will have the opportunity to purchase subsidized tickets. Approximately 2,000 fans will be accommodated with direct flights from Tbilisi International Airport, while 1 000 fans will depart from Kutaisi International Airport.

The subsidized one-way ticket price will be 195 euros, resulting in a round-trip cost of 390 euros. Fans will have the flexibility to organize their own travel schedule, choosing to attend 1, 2, or all 3 matches. Citizens of Georgia who have purchased football match tickets will be eligible to purchase these subsidized air tickets. They must present the relevant match ticket when purchasing the air ticket. The tickets will be available for purchase by the end of the week on the relevant electronic platform," stated Irakli Kobakhidze at today's government session.

Charter flights from Tbilisi and Kutaisi International Airports will be operated in collaboration with Georgian Wings and Georgian Airways in Tbilisi, and Wizz Air in Kutaisi, along with Gasa company in Tbilisi.

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