From January 1 to August 31, 2023, 1,384 employees resigned from the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Patrol Police Department, territorial bodies of MIA, border police, emergency management service, etc.).

This data was provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the member of parliament Ana Natsvlishvili. The deputy also requested information from the ministry on whether the agency is studying the possible reasons for the outflow of personnel, to which Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri replied that, considering the scale of the ministry, employee rotation, outflow and recruitment/employment of new personnel is a constant and natural process.

According to the minister's letter, in the first 8 months of 2023, 1,838 employees were recruited to the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A few days ago, Radio Liberty reported that from 2020 to September 1, 2023, 7,332 employees resigned from the MIA, while 9,437 people were employed there during the same period.

At present, there are 40 law and order officer vacancies in the Tbilisi Police Department. The work schedule is irregular and the accrued salary is 2100 GEL. There are 12 vacancies for investigators in the Kvemo Kartli Police Department. The hours are non-standard here as well, and the accrued salary is 2,210 GEL. The Patrol Police Department has 20 vacancies for patrol inspectors and the same number for tourist safety inspectors in the main division of Tbilisi. The regime implies working in shifts, and the salary is 2 035 GEL with taxes.

Information about the mass departure of employees from the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been circulating for some time. In August last year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced a competition for 145 vacancies at once in the Patrol Police Department. The Minister of Internal Affairs, Vakhtang Gomelauri, said then:

‘‘I don't know who is leaving the country. Some come, others go.’’

According to the information spread in the media, a significant part of the employees who have left the MIA are emigrating, including the leaders. Dozens of cases are known to Georgian News when former policemen and former heads of departments arrived in the USA illegally through the dangerous route of Mexico.

According to the persons who left the agency, hundreds of policemen, border guards, and other employees are resigning.

According to the information of Georgian News, local residents are leaving the border police en masse in mountainous regions.

In 2022, out of 42,012 crimes registered in Georgia, only 24,327 were solved (57.9% clearance rate). A large share of unsolved crimes are compelled suicides. Out of 1017 registered cases, only 16 (1.57%) were solved; Out of 173 cases of negligent homicide, only 5 cases were investigated (2.89%); Out of 2749 cases of violence, 1545 (56.2%) were solved; Out of 137 cases of rape, only 90 (65.69%) were investigated; 92 cases of sexual penetration into the body of a person under the age of sixteen were registered, only 47 (51.09%) were investigated; Out of 75 cases of illegal deprivation of liberty, 28 (37.33%) were investigated; None of the 5 cases of trafficking of minors have been investigated; Out of 12,641 cases of theft, only 6,605 facts (52.25%) were investigated; Out of 73 cases of money laundering, only 13 (17.81%) were investigated; Only 118 (8.51%) of 1387 cases of financial crime were investigated; Only 13 (30.95%) of 42 cases of criminal gang membership were opened; Only 13 (14.77%) of 88 cases of violation of safety rules during mining, construction, or other works were opened; Out of 432 cases of official crime (abuse of office, bribery, etc.), only 102 cases (23.61%) were solved.

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