"Without a doubt, if Georgia takes this step, if the president's veto is overcome, it will have very clear consequences for the relationship between Georgia and the USA. This will impact the relationship between Georgia and other European states, and ultimately, Georgia's European aspirations," said Matthew Miller, the press spokesman of the United States State Department, in an interview with Voice of America.

The Georgian ruling party plans to overcome the President's veto on the Russian Law on the so-called Foreign Agents on May 27 and 28, first at the meeting of the Legal Affairs Committee and then at the plenary session.

"We are extremely concerned about this law. Part of the reason for this concern is the wonderful friendship that exists between America and Georgia. If you look back over the past 30 years, our two countries and peoples have had a great connection. We have fully supported Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations and its steps taken to expand democracy and further integrate with Europe. That's why when we see a step backwards like this, when we see them pass a law that is quite clearly based on laws in Russia, laws that we've seen supporting actions from countries in Russia's orbit, it worries us very seriously," Miller said.

The United States of America has decided to develop a policy of visa restrictions that will apply to individuals and their family members who are responsible or complicit in the disruption of democracy in Georgia. According to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, anyone who undermines democratic processes or institutions in Georgia, including before, during, and after the October 2024 election, may not be allowed to obtain US visas and travel to the United States under this policy. Additionally, Blinken is launching a comprehensive review of bilateral cooperation between the United States and Georgia. In the USA, there is hope that the Georgian government will revise the Russian Law.

During his visit to Tbilisi, James O'Brien, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, warned the Georgian government about the possible consequences of the Russian Law. As he said, if the law enters into force without compliance with European norms, we will see restrictions from the US side. "Typically, these are financial and travel restrictions on the individuals responsible for these actions and their families," O'Brien said on May 14.

The Georgian Dream leaders accused the USA of blackmail and declared that they are not afraid of sanctions.

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