According to Joseph Borrell, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the Vice President of the European Commission, statements that someone in the European Union wants to drag Georgia into war are disinformation and propaganda.

‘’After Georgia was excluded from the association trio, or rather, after we got a less European perspective than Ukraine and Moldova, pro-Western rallies were held in Georgia. The government tried to discredit the participants of the rally. After that, there was a controversial draft bill dubbed ‘’the Russian Law,’’ also, constant attacks on our Western partners and accusations of the West trying to drag us into the war, as well as the resumption of direct flights with Russia, welcoming sanctioned persons into Georgia, and initiating impeachment of the president,’’ a journalist addressed Mr. Borrell.

‘’You mentioned the opening of the ‘’second front.’’ The answer to this is simple: noise. Disinformation and propaganda to cause a stir.

It would be madness for someone in the EU to think anyone in Georgia wants a war. Don’t listen to it. I am very sorry that such false rumors are being spread as it creates a problem. All this is being done to poison the people, distort the messages, and create distrust in the country.

Russian propaganda is very intense and they have shown their prowess in this regard all over the world.

Yes, the compatibility index of Georgia is not very high, and this was reflected in the association agreement. We had a conversation about this with the Prime Minister, and we respectfully indicated it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well. This index should be improved. We acknowledge that Georgia is doing well in the fight against sanctions evasion. This should be emphatically applauded, but the foreign policy should be compatible with ours, this is the demand for all countries,’’ stated Borrell at a joint briefing with the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili.

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