Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov claims that Adam Delimkhanov is alive and “not even injured”. Earlier Wednesday, news broke that Kadyrov’s closest ally, Russian Duma deputy from Chechnya, and commander of the West-Akhmat battalion – Demikhanov, was wounded in Ukraine. Some sources also reported his death.

“Son of Adam Sultan is alive and well, and not even injured. I knew this from the start, but decided to demonstrate to everyone, especially Ukrainians, to what extent their media has sunk,” writes Kadyrov on Telegram, and publishes a photo with Delimkhanov sitting beside him as proof.

Kadyrov said that as the whole internet keeps busy discussing the “delusional fantasy” of the killing of the Hero of Russia, he continues to work with Adam Delimkhanov: Akhmat units are holding their ground, including in the Belgorod region, where they are reinforcing the Russian border. We discussed the current situation and distribution of our forces and supplies.

Earlier, Kadyrov wrote that he was unable to reach Delimkhanov, who was in the zone of the “special military operation” at the time. He plead to the Ukrainian intelligence to provide information on exactly which positions were struck. Russian state-run media channel RIA Novosti commented that this was Kadyrov’s cynical response to false information spread earlier that claimed Demikhanov was killed in a bombing.

On the morning of June 14, Kiril Sazonov, a Ukrainian political scientist fighting in Ukraine, spread information over social media that Kadyrov’s ally Delimkhanov and up to 200 Russian soldiers were killed in a bombing run in the city of Primorsk of the Zaporizhzhia province. After that, a journalist on one of the Russian TV channels wrote based on the press service of the Duma that Delimkhanov was alive, but wounded. Kremlin press spokesman Dmitry Peskov also commented on the issue:

“We received this information to our great alarm, as everybody else, we are worried for the hero of Russia. We hope that further details on what actually happened will be verified in the nearest future,’’ said Peskov.

No further information on the health condition and whereabouts of Adam Delimkhanov is available.

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