The spokesperson for the US State Department, Matthew Miller, labeled as "false" and "absurd" the information disseminated by Russian foreign intelligence suggesting that the United States is planning a change of government in Georgia.

“So, it’s completely false. I think it’s quite obvious that it’s completely false. It’s not the first time Russia has made allegations like that with respect to U.S. involvement in Georgia and other countries around the world that have been completely false, and have been absurd. And I would just point out the irony of the country, Russia, that is illegally occupying 20 percent of Georgia as we speak, making those absurd allegations about another country,” remarked Miller.

Yesterday, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service reported that the United States has decided to orchestrate a change in government in Georgia and has already devised a campaign to undermine the Georgian Dream. According to Russian intelligence, American handlers have instructed opposition forces in Georgia to initiate protests coinciding with upcoming elections.

"The main figure in stoking anti-state sentiments will be Georgia's President Salome Zourabichvili. Through Zourabichvili, Washington aims to prepare voters for a potential political surprise from the opposition Georgian Dream, possibly resulting in another colorful revolution," stated the intelligence report, published by Russian propaganda outlets on July 9.

Representatives of the Georgian government declined to comment on these assertions.

Meanwhile, Irakli Zarkua, a deputy from the Georgian Dream party in parliament, alleged that "certain influential groups, including those with sway over ambassadors, are attempting to foment revolution during the elections."

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