Robert Kiut, de facto Minister of Internal Affairs

The de facto Ministry of Internal Affairs of the occupied territory of Abkhazia declined to endorse a cooperation agreement with the National Guard of the Russian Federation (Rosgvardiia). The document, perceived as an “anti-national” initiative, faced opposition from so-called opposition parties and civil organizations.

“We share all the sentiments and concerns of our citizens. In this regard, as the Minister of Internal Affairs, I assert with responsibility that within our department, as well as throughout the leadership of the country, no individuals are willing to act or conduct their professional duties to the detriment of the national interests of the state of Abkhazia or the interests of our citizens," stated the de facto Minister of Internal Affairs, Robert Kiut.

He emphasized that the current constitution and legislation prohibit the maintenance of public security and order in Abkhazia by the armed forces of a foreign state:

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic and other law enforcement agencies possess adequate personnel to ensure public order, uphold public safety, combat terrorism and extremism, enforce state control over arms trade, safeguard the property of individuals and legal entities, and undertake measures to counteract crime.”

Reports emerged on February 9 regarding the purported intention of the so-called Ministry of Internal Affairs of occupied Abkhazia to finalize an agreement with Rosgvardia. A draft of the agreement was published by Abkhazian media, outlining cooperation aimed at maintaining public order within Abkhazia's territory and protecting the property of individuals and legal entities.

According to so-called opposition political parties and civil organizations, signing the agreement would grant Russian law enforcement agencies direct intervention in Abkhazia's internal political affairs.

The agreement, which allows National Guard troops of a neighboring state to enforce order in Abkhazia, not only compromises the independence of our country but also undermines everything we have achieved in 30 years. We would be relinquishing the functions of our militia to foreigners. This constitutes more than mere treason,” expressed Almas Ardzinba, a former member of the de facto parliament of Abkhazia.

Opponents of the agreement's signing called for the resignation of the de facto Minister of Internal Affairs.

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