Today, on May 24, at 19:00, a march will be held from Freedom Square to the Internal Affairs Ministry.

Since the initiation of the Russian Law until now, the police have arrested more than 200 people participating in the protest on fabricated charges, and dozens of people have received fines for non-committed offenses. Hundreds of people are being summoned for questioning as part of an investigation that has been started without any reason.

Dozens of people were severely beaten by the police, some of whom are still receiving treatment.

We would like to have a legal state where:

  • The police will protect us;
  • There will be no political weapon in the hands of the government;
  • Policemen's children will be proud of their parents' behavior;
  • The policeman pursues criminals to catch them, and not happy, patriotic, freedom-fighting, and educated youth;

We don't want our peers and friends to hide in shame what their police parents do. Their children are also fighting for the European future of Georgia with us.

Today, unfortunately, the police do not obey the law, but Ivanishvili, who is obsessed with conspiracy theories, has become the main perpetrator.

Arrest of peaceful demonstrators / Zurab Tsertsvadze's photo

The Internal Affairs Minister, Gomelauri, is Ivanishvili's former personal bodyguard, and he turned the Georgian police into Ivanishvili's personal security service - this offends any Georgian.

Therefore, on May 24, 2024, at 7:00 p.m, let's gather at Freedom Square and march to the Internal Affairs Ministry to look in the mirror and show the police how they look when they attack the sisters, brothers, and children fighting for a better future for Georgia.

With this march, let's show solidarity with all arrested, imprisoned, and injured comrades participating in the protest.

Yes to Europe!

No to the Russian Law!" said the statement released by the organizers of the march.

The Georgian Parliament adopted the Russian Law on so-called Foreign Agents in the third, final reading at the May 14 plenary session. 84 MPs supported it, and 30 were against it. Georgian Dream plans to overcome the President's veto on the law on May 27-28. Mass protests against the Russian Law have been taking place for more than a month.

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