The party Gakharia - For Georgia believes that yesterday's statement by the Russian foreign intelligence is a direct attempt to interfere in the October 26 parliamentary elections and assist the ruling Georgian Dream in falsifying the results, which will undoubtedly continue.

The former prime minister's party notes that the coincidence of the Russian intelligence statement with the recent statements by Georgian Dream clearly confirms that the government has coordinated the complex process of rigging the elections with Moscow.

"The main instrument of falsification and influence on voters is Russian-style propaganda, which claims the West is planning to interfere in the elections and incite a revolution.

This falsification, actually invented to cover up Russian interference in the elections, is actively spread by government propaganda channels, so-called experts, troll-bots, and top officials of 'Dream.' They accuse the West of attempting a revolution and being hostile to the country's sovereignty, while referring to Russia as a guarantor of sovereignty. Meanwhile, the West has been protecting our sovereignty from Russia for 30 years, during which 20% of our territories have been occupied by Russia.

In the context of Russia's interference in the elections, we should not forget the influence of the former Prosecutor General [Otar Fartskhaladze - ed.], sanctioned as a Russian agent and currently in Russia, close to the Kremlin, on a number of law enforcement agencies that have a critical role in rigging the elections. In this regard, the role of the Security Service, which did everything to expel the Russian agent from the country, is noteworthy," said the party of former Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia.

According to them, under these conditions, the attention of all actors should be shifted to the protection of the elections, because the October elections will not be ordinary elections:

"This will be the first election that the government with absolute power will hold with the help of Russia. These elections will decide not only the protection of our European future but also the protection of our sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Yesterday, July 9, the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation reported that the US has decided to change the government in Georgia and that a campaign to discredit the Georgian Dream has already been developed. According to Russian intelligence, the 'American curators' gave the 'order' to the opposition forces in Georgia to start planning protest actions, which should coincide with the elections. In the intelligence statement, which was distributed by the Russian propaganda media, it is also stated that 'President Salome Zourabichvili should play the main role in inciting anti-state sentiments.'

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller, in response to a question on this matter, said that this is not the first time Russia has made similar accusations regarding US involvement in Georgia and other countries, which are completely false and absurd. According to Miller, it is ironic that Russia, which has illegally occupied 20% of Georgia, makes these absurd accusations against another country.

The representatives of the Georgian government did not comment on the statements of the Russian intelligence. At the same time, Irakli Zarkua, a deputy of Georgian Dream in the parliament, said that 'certain influential groups, including ambassadors, are trying to organize a revolution during the elections.'

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