Zviad Kharazishvili, also known as Khareba, the Internal Affairs Ministry Special Tasks Department Director, who remains present at the parliament during the protest against the Russian Law, stated that he personally confronts "scoundrels" whose names he has on a list, during such events.

"I don't beat youths. I beat scoundrels. We possess a list. Presently, I'll reveal it shortly... What do you wish to sanction me for, young lady? Switch off the camera," Kharazishvili told TV Pirveli.

Zviad Kharazishvili also remarked that the Chairman of the United National Movement party, Levan Khabeishvili, can anticipate something "worse" in store for him.

Opposition MP Tamar Kordzaia urged fellow parliamentarians to petition the executive authorities and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to temporarily revoke the authority of Zviad Kharazishvili, the head of the Special Tasks Department, pending the completion of the investigation.

"I beat scoundrels" - these are the words of Zviad Kharazishvili, who is standing outside today, the head of your special forces service. Perhaps you should urge the executive branch to suspend this individual pending an investigation. However, I am certain you will not take action, because it is under his protection that all of you leave this building after each session," stated Tamar Kordzaia.

The special forces and police in Tbilisi have repeatedly dispersed the protest against the Russian Law, brutally assaulting peaceful demonstrators. Even protesting MPs were not spared - Aleksandre Elisashvili, the leader of the Citizens party, and Levan Khabeishvili, the chairman of the United National Movement, were both beaten. Civil activist Davit Katsarava was initially unlawfully detained and later seriously injured. As Khabeishvili said, it was Zviad Kharazishvili who orchestrated the deliberate punitive action against him. Despite these acts of violence, no arrests have been made, and Kharazishvili's authority remains intact.

On May 1, Nika Gvaramia, the leader of the Ahali party, stated that employees of the private security service Sarangi unlawfully participated in the crackdown on the rallies. Zviad Kharazishvili owns a 50% stake in the aforementioned company and earns over 30 thousand GEL annually from it. The remaining 50% of Sarangi shares is owned by Zviad Chokhonelidze, who served as a member of Bidzina Ivanishvili's personal bodyguard during his tenure as prime minister.

At the end of April, during the European Parliament debate on Georgia, there was a call for the impeachment of Zviad Kharazishvili and Vazha Siradze, the Director of the Patrol Police Department. MEPs also held them accountable for repression against peaceful protesters.

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